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About State and Federal Appeals

An appeal is your chance to fight for what is right. If your case ended unfavorably, there is never a more important time to find the right attorney. At the law office of Terschan & Steinle, Ltd., in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we represent clients in state and federal appeals in Wisconsin. We have the experience, skills, and diligence clients need at this critical stage.

We are licensed to practice in the state appellate courts as well as the federal appellate courts, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th and 10th Circuits, the U.S., and the U.S. Supreme Court.

If you have had an unfair disposition of your case, it is essential that you move quickly to consult a knowledgeable lawyer. Adequate time is necessary to prepare your appeal and to avoid missing any applicable deadlines or filing requirements.

What We Will Do

Whether appealing a criminal law matter (including a conviction or sentence) or a civil case, our firm can help you throughout the appeals process. We thoroughly analyze the trial transcripts for bases for appeal. After discussing the case with our client, we evaluate if it is in our client's best interest to proceed and determine an appropriate strategy.

We apply our experience and skills to carefully draft strong, assertive written legal briefs and effectively present oral arguments before the appeals court. We work relentlessly to obtain a favorable result. Through our determined representation, we may be able to get your judgment modified, reversed, remanded back to trial courts, or overturned.

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Our goal is to offer personal service to our clients while meeting their appeal needs. For diligent legal representation, contact our Wisconsin commercial litigation attorneys to discuss your case.

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