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About Probate and Probate Litigation

Losing a loved one is a sad and difficult time for family, relatives, and friends, and those left behind must figure out how to transfer or inherit property from the person who has died. The term probate refers to proving of the existence of a will, and determining who the legal heirs are if no will exists. After a person dies, legal ownership of his or her property, assets and personal effects must legally transferred to the beneficiaries or heirs, listed in the will. If there is no will, the persons receiving assets are designated by State law.

What We Will Do

With real estate matters, wills and trusts, our attorneys will listen to you, understand your needs and prepare your documents properly, to ensure that your wishes are met. If there you are in need of assistance after a person has died, we will go through all the appropriate documents and determine which steps to take to finalize the process. After careful investigation and analysis of the issues, we will advise our clients of what their options are and we will aggressively represent them through the entire process.

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